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Back when we first heard about it, the so-called Backer Build One for Snapshot Games’ Phoenix Point was supposed to go live today, on April 30, 2018. However, due to some time zone confusion that date had to be pushed back one day, meaning that the eligible backers will be able to take the game out for a spin come Tuesday, May 1st starting at 12am PST. This post on the game’s website provides some additional information and a helpful FAQ. Check it out:

With the Backer Build almost ready for release we’d like to offer you some additional information and answer some frequently asked questions.

Firstly, we would once again like to apologise for the 24 hours delay in the release of the Backer Build. We had originally planned for the build to release at midnight PST on April 30th. Unfortunately, due to an internal miscommunication and some confusion over time zones, the development team were working under the impression that they had 24 hours longer. We don’t want to rush this. The team have been working hard through the weekend to complete Backer Build One and squish as many bugs as possible.

The release date and time for Backer Build One is 12am PST on Tuesday, May 1st.

Once again, we apologise for this slight delay and thank you for your understanding.


Backer Build One is available to anyone who backed Phoenix Point during the Fig campaign at the “Digital Extras Edition” or higher. It is also available to customers who pre-ordered the “Luxury Digital Edition” or higher. The Backer Build may be listed in your package as “early access” or “pre-alpha access”.

When the Backer Build goes live at 12am PST on Tuesday 1st of May, you will receive an email from our e-commerce partner, Xsolla. This email will contain your unique download link to the Phoenix Point installer. If you do not receive this email instantly upon launch, please do allow some extra time for the email to come through – we have a lot to send out, which may take several minutes, maybe longer.

If you still haven’t received your email, check your spam folders. Emails will be delivered from mail[at]

If it hasn’t arrived, you can contact Xsolla support either via email or open a support ticket at

Content and Feedback

Backer Build One is a pre-alpha build of the tactical portion of the gameplay. It contains the demo map which you may have seen from the previous events that we attended. It also includes procedurally generated maps.

In Backer Build One you will play as the New Jericho faction, controlling 2 Assault soldiers, 1 Sniper and 1 Heavy. The Backer Build includes the free-aiming system introduced at EGX Rezzed and the inventory system which we have not yet showcased.

A help document is included with the download detailing key-bindings and some gameplay tips.

Should you encounter any bugs within the Backer Build (and you will), please submit a bug report. When you encounter a bug, just hit F12. The game will capture the current screenshot. You can click on the screenshot in the bug report. This will allow you to draw on and highlight any issues on the screen. You can also submit your name or email address along with a title and description of the bug. When you send the report, all of this information along with anonymous system data such as hardware configuration and the game’s logs will be sent directly to the Snapshot Games QA team.

For more detailed discussion about any bugs encountered, or to leave general feedback – please visit the Snapshot Games Forum

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions most frequently asked about the Backer Build, with answers.

Can I stream or make YouTube videos of the Backer Build?

Yes you can. We just ask that you make it clear that you’re playing an “in-development” build.

Does the Backer Build contain any of the campaign or strategic layer?

Not at this point. The Backer Build is currently only tactical combat missions. We will be updating the Backer Build approximate once every 2 months with additional content. However, we wish to hold back much of the story and campaign elements so not to spoil the narrative before general release.

Can I still get access to the Backer Build after it has released?

Yes. Even after the build has gone live, our pre-order packages will still contain access to it.

How long will the Backer Build last?

We haven’t currently set an end date for the Backer Build. We will continue to add new content until close to release. If this changes we will make an announcement in good time.

Why doesn’t XYZ work like this? / Why haven’t you implemented XYZ?

The Backer Build is still a very small portion of the overall game. Many mechanics, abilities and features have yet to be added at this stage. Nothing in the Backer Build should be considered as the final version. If you wish to talk about detail of specific design choices, we’ve provided a handy feedback section on our forums.

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