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An interview with Peter Molyneux, originally conducted by OXM soon after Lionhead Studios closing, has surfaced on GamesRadar. The veteran developer reminisces about how it all began, the legacy of Lionhead Studios, and talks a fair bit about the Fable series, making a short detour to discuss Milo, Lionhead’s canceled project. A primer of what to expect:

OXM: Fable came out of the satellite studio Big Blue Box, how did that work?

PM: It was a disaster! What it was, was Simon and Dene Carter who, with myself and four others, had finished Dungeon Keeper together. We’d been talking about RPGs and how we’d like to do an RPG and wouldn’t it be wonderful to do an RPG. Steve Jackson said that he had a brilliant idea – rather than having Simon and Dene fund themselves, or we fund them, we’ll set them up as a satellite and all we’ll have to do [laughs] is help them with the publishers and all the admin stuff, and they’ll do some brilliant games for us.

Of course the world never really works like that, y’know, making any game is almost impossible. It’s an almost impossible feat. Making a good game is even closer to impossible. You need absolute focus and you need your most brilliant people on that game. In the end we realised it was no good having Big Blue Box as a separate studio because they needed all the brilliant people we had.

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