Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Update 2.0.7k Available

In preparation for the upcoming release of The Last Sarkorians DLC and the new companion and the Shifter class it’s going to introduce, Owlcat Games brings us this here patch for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. The patch deals with some assorted issues, mainly in the areas of class mechanics and UI. And that includes a fix to the Destroy Uncollected Loot option, which is pretty much mandatory for the game.

Here are the patch notes:

Hello, crusaders!

An update 2.0.7k is here!


  • Fixed Ageing and the Flying Time Undertow effect for the commander and their companions;
  • Icy Prison spell got its name back;
  • Fixed the issue with important keys disappearing if the Destroy Uncollected Loot option was enabled;
  • Fixed a number of issues for the controller UI.

If you are playing with mods, don’t forget to update them before loading your saves!

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!


  • Regill could obtain immortality in the Lost Chapter area – fixed, he’s just a regular mortal now.


  • During The Price of Loyalty quest, Aivu could appear during an assassination attempt on you – fixed;
  • Sometimes Socothbenoth wouldn’t drop the Nahyndrian Crystal after being hit with a Midnight bolt, because of a specific positioning of the character in the Council Chamber – fixed.

Turn-based mode

  • In some situations, the game could freeze entirely in turn-based mode – fixed;
  • Sometimes the battle could freeze if the main character fell under enemy’s control spell – fixed;
  • The kobolds got portraits for the initiative order.


  • Despite Nocticula’s talent, the Midnight Bolt could still sometimes miss – she fixed it.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Commander got an improved anti-age treatment, and the Ageing status is now properly removed after leaving the island;
  • During the fight with Nulkineth in the Lost Chapel, a character with a Hold Person debuff could lose the ability to roll saving throws – fixed, and the mythic powers remove the debuff now;
  • Fixed the issue with the Ashen Lady’s death;
  • Fixed the favored enemy progression for the Order of the Nail;
  • Flay for Purpose and Repurpose spells didn’t work correctly in some situations or on specific enemies – fixed;
  • Flay for Purpose spell didn’t end after the death of the target – fixed;
  • Freebooter’s Master Hunter ability didn’t work right – fixed, and now they will be able to select the target of Freebooter’s Bane before executing the attack with this ability;
  • Icy Prison spell got its name back;
  • The Flying Time Undertow effect worked incorrectly for the commander and their party – fixed, it will no longer stay on the characters after leaving the island;
  • Using Eldritch Archer’s Ranged Spellstrike ability with a melee weapon would lead to losing the prepared spell – fixed, now it will be cast, but as a regular spell.


  • Fixed a localization issue for Stalwart Defender weapon proficiency;
  • Fixed the issue with switching between a controller and mouse and keyboard during a fade-out;
  • If you tried to make changes to auto level-up, but then quit without saving, auto level-up could still break – fixed;
  • It’s no longer possible to break the game by opening an Esc menu during character creation or level up;
  • The action bar will automatically update after a quickload now;
  • The Creatures tab in Encyclopedia could have a 0 added to it – fixed;
  • The names of the rider and their mount no longer overlap now;
  • When playing with a controller and undressing the character during character creation for the sake of tattoo selection, the character refused to put the clothes back on – fixed;
  • When playing with a controller, and using it in the Equipment tab to open the item selection menu, the controls disappeared – fixed;
  • When playing with a controller, fixed the issue with the time skip window causing a freeze when used outside of global map;
  • When playing with a controller, it’s possible to attack neutral targets without using the cursor now;
  • When playing with a controller, sometimes not all available units were visible in the hiring window – fixed;
  • When you click on different characters with the console cursor, the quick action bar is updating properly now;
  • Changing settings via a slider while holding down the button now goes on with increasing speed.


  • Fixed some cases of characters getting stuck in T-pose after death.


  • A dialogue with Alushinyrra’s guard could be displayed incorrectly – fixed;
  • Fixed the Windcatcher achievement on Steam;
  • When the Destroy Uncollected Loot option was enabled, it was possible to miss the keys needed for some doors – fixed, the keys won’t disappear now;
  • Skipping a cutscene while mounted could cause the character to get stuck – fixed.
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