Pathfinder: Kingmaker Update #58

Owlcat Games’ isometric cRPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker will be releasing later this month, and so the new Kickstarter update deals with all the backer-related stuff like pledge management, platform selection and whatnot. If you’re a backer for this game, you should check the update out and make sure you’re on top of all that digital bureaucracy:

Dear Pathfinders,

Release is mere weeks away! Can you believe it? It feels like yesterday how we were sitting here, watching the crowdfunding progress in awe, hoping to get a chance to create the game we’ve all been dreaming about and then our community smashed one stretchgoal after another! We can’t thank you enough for your support!

There are a few urgent things I’d like to address as the launch of Pathfinder: Kingmaker is on the horizon. First of all, Kickstarter pledge transfers to the Owlcat Games backer portal! I cannot stress this enough! If you have pledged for our game on Kickstarter, then you MUST transfer your Kickstarter pledge over to our backer portal in order to receive the game and all of your pledge rewards. We have sent emails with all the links and instructions back in August 2017. The subject headline was “Backer Portal is now live!”

If you don’t have this email and you have yet to transfer your Kickstarter pledge, please send an email to team[at] using the email address you used when you backed us on Kickstarter and ask me to re-send the pledge transfer link!

On a related note – yes, some of you have already sent an email about this and have been waiting for a reply for two weeks or even longer. I’m not trying to ignore you, please be patient for a little longer. We’re a fairly small team, it’s crunch time right now and I’ve been sent to Gamescom and PAX for the entire duration of these events. Unfortunately, this means I simply wasn’t there to respond to emails and there’s a huge backlog right now. Please also be aware that sending several messages about this at once across all our communications platforms will only serve to increase said backlog and slows down the entire process for everybody. I’m working as fast as I can.

I’m also getting a lot of messages from users, who say they can’t remember whether or not they transferred their pledges. This is easy enough to check – log in on our backer portal at and go to – your pledge will be listed on that site if you’ve transferred it correctly. If it doesn’t show up on there and you’re absolutely sure you’ve made the transfer, please make sure you’re using the correct login method! If, for instance, you transferred your pledge using Facebook, then it will only show up if you log in using Facebook again!

Secondly, registering your name for the ingame credits. If you pledged for a tier, which allows you to have your name mentioned in our game’s credits screen, you can now register your name on our backer portal. You can find a text box for it on your account page.[…]

Finally, Platform Selection – getting your Steam or GoG key.

I’ve been getting a lot of messages from users asking when we are going to email these keys. This is handled strictly via the backer portal! It’s why you must transfer your Kickstarter pledge to the portal. When the game releases, you’ll be able to log in on the backer portal and choose from either a Steam key or a GoG key. This will become an option shortly before our release day on September 25th. Once the option is there, we’ll also let you know here on Kickstarter and on social media.

I hope this addresses most urgent questions regarding pledge transfers and game keys. If you see users here on Kickstarter or on our forums or anywhere on social media with questions about the subject, please send them a link to this update and ask them to read it carefully.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to respond to your emails as fast as I can. Please understand that this is going to take some time. I’m not ignoring you.

Hail to the Kings!

Community Manager
Owlcat Games

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