Path of Exile: Sentinel – Will It Become a Core Mechanic?

With the next Path of Exile expansion already looming on the horizon, Grinding Gear Games brings us this article that talks about the ultimate fate of the current Sentinel league and its core mechanic that apparently won’t be becoming one of the game’s permanent fixtures.

Here’s more on that:

With the Sentinel League ending soon, you may be wondering whether this mechanic becomes a part of Path of Exile’s core game.

The answer is no, for now. The league would take some changes before it would be appropriate to become a core Path of Exile mechanic, and while this is something we’re interested in looking into in the future, it’s not the time now.

When the Sentinel League ends in a few weeks, all of your existing Power Cores and Sentinels will be deleted.

Recombinators won’t drop anymore, but the existing ones will continue to work in Standard and will become progressively more scarce as they are consumed. We know that you really enjoyed the crafting options provided by Recombinators, and we are looking for a way to bring them back in the future. If and when we do so, existing Recombinators will likely change their function to work however the new ones function. We’ll signal this in the news beforehand so that you can make sure to consume existing ones if you prefer how they used to work.

In the meantime, you still have some time left to complete your unfinished challenges in the league before we say goodbye to the Sentinels.

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