Path of Exile – 3.19 Expansion Timeline

With Path of Exile’s Sentinel league approaching its tail end, Grinding Gear Games brings us this announcement that goes over the release timeline of the game’s next expansion. Barring any delays, this 3.19 expansion should be going live August 12, 2022, featuring a series of endgame refinements and the usual fresh challenges and mechanics.

Here’s more on that:

As the ongoing Sentinel League progresses, we wanted to shed some light on our next expansion’s release date.

The 3.19 expansion will probably launch on August 12th PDT, which means that the Sentinel League will end on approximately the 9th of August PDT. We’ll confirm Sentinel’s end date later in the news as we get closer to it. As usual, we’ll unveil the details of the expansion a week before the launch during a livestream. Please note that the above dates are just our current plan, and we may have to change them if development runs into any issues (if so, it’d likely just be back one week).

As we have said earlier, the 3.19 expansion, as well as all future expansions in the leadup to Path of Exile 2, will contain further improvements to Path of Exile’s endgame. And of course, you can expect a new challenge league and lots of other content and balance changes which will be revealed in the livestream. The scope of this expansion is bigger than Sentinel and we’re very excited to share what we’ve been working on.

Stay tuned!

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