Passenger Flow Train Valley 2 DLC Releases on Oct 3rd

If you’re a fan of train simulator Train Valley 2 developed by Flazm Interactive, then you’re going to be very pleased to know that the first DLC, Passenger is due for release on October 3rd on Steam.

The Passenger Flow DLC adds the extra challenge of passengers to your Train Valley 2 game. You’ll have to balance the transport of large groups of passengers with railroad efficiency and train punctuality. Create an efficient railway network, keep your trains accident-free and ensure you supply the ever-growing demand of the cities and industries in your tiny valley.

Passenger Flow Main Features

All of the fun of the original game Train Valley is brought to Train Valley 2, in the Passenger Flow DLC.

  • Experience more depth and variety with the new passenger flow mechanic
  • 20 new levels in company mode
  • 6 new unlockable trains
  • 5 new sound themes
  • Loads more content in the Level Editor

The Passenger Flow DLC for Train Valley 2 will be available on Steam from October 3rd for $5.99 / €5.99.

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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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