Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen September 2018 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter for Visionary Realms’ MMORPG Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen brings us a lengthy article dedicated to the recently updated design of the game’s nefarious Skar race and then talks about the upcoming Pre-Alpha 4 with its new Fearthale zone and expanded class features. Here’s the newsletter’s intro and you take it from there:

With another round of Pre-Alpha behind us, the development team is back at it again preparing for another session this fall. We’re hard at work making sure all class implementation is ready up to level 40. With that comes access to another zone we’re super proud of — Faerthale. Not only will the area include the eventual starting city for our hardy and weathered elves, but adventures, dangers, and game concepts the likes of which our players have yet to experience. Headmaster Ben Dean schools us on all that and more in our Under Wraps section.

Meanwhile, as the team continues the challenging task of bringing Pantheon’s races to life, as we reveal our newly reimagined Skar. Developers Justin Gehart, Forrest Imel and Jared Pullen sit down and discuss the ABCs of Terminus’ most brutal and evil race, and why the Skar probably won’t be getting invited into Thronefast any time soon.

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