Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen November 2022 Newsletter

Following this year’s Thanksgiving weekend, we can check out this newsletter for Visionary Realms’ MMORPG Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. There, we can find a quick Producer’s Letter, a special Thanksgiving Day article, the Month in Review section, and the customary Community Feature.

Here’s the Producer’s Letter to get you started:

Pantheon Community,

November has been an intensely productive month for us as we have been working hard to get everything ready for the next Pre-Alpha session. When is that going to be, you may ask? Here’s the good news: the next Pre-Alpha session has been scheduled for December 3rd starting at 10AM PST. This will be a 24-hour test, so make sure to get plenty of rest beforehand and take ample breaks!

For the upcoming PA test, our goals are centered on observing server and client performance. As we mentioned in the last newsletter, one of our primary efforts this month has been optimizing the game’s performance both on a client and network level. We’ve made great strides on these fronts and are ready to get our testers back in so we can verify these improvements under a full load of players.

Beyond performance and stability, here are a few areas our testers will be digging into that have been updated since the last PA test:

  • Classes and combat
  • Itemization
  • New vendors
  • New and unique quest type
  • Art updates
  • A new dungeon area that players can begin exploring around level 5
  • A healthy dose of additional things to discover

The other big news is that we are planning to have Cohh Carnage stream live, unguided gameplay of Pantheon during the following Pre Alpha session, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, December 10th, along with the Cohh Carnage stream. However, this date is still tentative and depends on the performance results of the December 3rd session.

There you have it folks! Big development efforts in November leading to some great news in December – we can’t wait! Check out the calendar of upcoming events[…]

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