Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen January 2023 Newsletter

This year’s first newsletter for Visionary Realms’ MMORPG Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen brings us a producer’s letter outlining the team’s plans for the nearest future, then follows it up with the month in review section, shares a few developer insights from the game’s lead artist Jared Pullen, highlights some lore, and then closes things out with the customary community spotlight.

Here’s the producer’s letter to get you started:

Happy New Year, Pantheon fans!

As the team emerges from a brief holiday respite, our attention turns to our goals for the coming year and our long-term development targets.

Visual development efforts continue with additional building styles coming online in the village of Availia (which will continue to be utilized in other appropriate human settlements), additional flora for Thronefast and Avendyr’s Pass regions, and a frosty new biome kit to fit our frigid climates. Our revised Human and Dark Myr models are serving as a test bed as we develop our hair solution, and new armor sets inspired by our racial concept art and built within our revised armor-fitting pipeline are nearing completion.

Work on our post-ViNL integration priorities is underway as well, with seamless zoning now functional in support of our open-world model, and persistent services supporting cross-zone features such as groups and chat in development, which will also carry forward into other essential features such as guilds and group finder tools.

On the design side of the house, our gathering system has been receiving some long-awaited attention, bringing things closer to a planned alpha state while we prepare to re-open Avendyr’s Pass for exploration. This includes support for treating gathering nodes as entities and allowing them to interface with combat systems, actions, and display health pools, as well as dedicated equipment slots for gathering tools which will automatically be utilized when interacting with a resource, without needing to unequip a weapon. Ability loadouts are being developed as well, which will service both the crafting and adventuring spheres.

As always, check out itemized updates in the roadmap below, and stay tuned to our website, Discord, and social media channels for the latest and greatest.

Until next month, onwards and upwards.

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