The Overwatch Christmas Event Update

It is that wonderful time of year again, when snow covers the ground, children are filled with excitement and wonder at the gifts Santa will bring them. Though there is something else to be excited about this Christmas, the Overwatch Christmas event.

Just as Blizzard Entertainment did for Halloween, yesterday they introduced a snow-covered, festive update to make your Overwatch a lot more Christmassy.

So, what exactly does this Christmas update bring? A whole load of new skins, twelve of them to be precise. We have an abominable snowman Winston, a Santa Torbjorn, an elf-like Tracer, a Scrooge McCree, and a reindeer Roadhog. These are just my favourite, check out the video below if you want to see all the new skins.

There’s also a load of new sprays, highlight intros and voice lines all there to add that seasonal cheer to your Overwatch matches. I’ve opened three boxes and not got any new skins myself, but now loot boxes are little easier to get, I’ll get one eventually.

Oh, and just in case this isn’t enough for you, there’s a whole new Arcade match in the Overwatch Christmas event, a snowball throwing event with two teams of six Mei’s. This works in a similar way to the 3v3 matches, except there are twelve players of course. Mei’s gun has also been modified to throw a singular snowball. If you want to throw another you need to find one of the patches of snow lying around and suck it up. Leaving you a little vulnerable while you do it.

My plan was to have a video here that shows me playing the Mei’s Snowball event, but I was so diabolically awful at it, that I couldn’t stand to put it up.  However, despite how bad I was at it, it is still a lot of fun, and I plan and ‘getting good’ and then going back in and kicking some arse. Taking at least one person out would be a start.

Finally, and less Christmas themed but still important is that the changes to Symmetra have also been implemented. Now she has a choice of two Ultimate powers, her usual teleporter and a new one that boosts everyone’s shields in a set radius. Her regular shield skill has also been changed from a player targeted shield to a shield that moves forward in a straight line.

The Overwatch Christmas event has given you even more reasons to play, and although I won’t be able to get a Junkrat Grinch skin it’s still hugely fun. Which skins or highlight intro’s are your favourite? Let us know in the comments.


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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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