Outbuddies Metroidvania Run & Gun Heading to PC

When German solo developer, Julian Laufer created a great little adventure about the old gods, strange creatures and lost worlds, Headup Games were more then happy to support him by publishing this old school game to the PC, with future console releases planned not long afterwards. Outbuddies is a classic Metroidvania style exploration game, with co-op elements.

Watch the announcement trailer for a sneak peek.

Oubuddies features non-linear run & gun gameplay across five different districts. In each five of the districts there are puzzles to solve, hazards to survive, epic bosses to defeat and when you have time captured Wozan to release. There’s a complex skill and mechanics progression system, that not only improves your combat abilities, but your platforming abilities as well. Your four upgradable weapons double up as essential survival tools. You’ll need to know when to use each weapon/tool if you will be victorious against Bahlam’s deadly traps and death-dealing foes. Bosses will require split second timing, and you’re going to need to memorise those attack patterns to defeat them.

There’s always your buddy unit to help you through. Not only will he map the area around you, he can also be controlled, and can use it’s hacking, scanning and telekinesis abilities to change the environment around him. In local co-op mode you can get a second player to control the buddy unit themselves, support each other to solve puzzles or go for a team speed run, which is a unique take on the scene.

Nikolay Bernstein , adventurer and maritime archaeologist, regains consciousnesses 36,000 feet under the sea, after his ship is wrecked. He’s wounded and he’s attached to a supernatural buddy-unit. As he explores the lost and deep underwater cities, to find answers to his current predicament, he slowly notices a dark and shadowy presence hollowing in its caves and underwater caverns.

You’re not alone, however. You share your fate with a tribe of friendly mining creatures known as the Wozan who themselves fear the old gods, and hope one day to get back to the surface, after 50 centuries of enslavement. Some fled and created colonies within the ruins, while others are still kept as slaves within the ruins of the old city.

Outbuddies Features

  • Explore an open vibrant fantasy world
  • Real Metroidvania gameplay with lots of gear, puzzles and Easter eggs
  • Unique dual-hero scheme with local co-op support
  • Epic boss battles & believable enemy AIs
  • Intriguing narrative and memorable characters
  • High freedom of movement @ 60 FPS
  • Handcrafted pixel art with distortion-free scaling to your native display resolution
  • Support for various input devices & key rebinding
  • Original soundtrack by OGRE music

Outbuddies will be available from the Outbuddies Steam  page in late quarter 3 2019, followed by the PS4, xBox One, and Nintendo Switch releases at the start of 2020.

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