Origin, an MMORPG Sequel

In the soon-to-be crowded market of MMORPG’s some names just have more hype. This isn’t surprising to anyone of course, but of all things that are expected to do better than the original, it’s the sequels. There’ve been classic cases of sequels just not being as good and more recently games that have exceeded even an legendary first game (Baldur’s Gate II).

The only sequel in the MMORPG market currently planned is Ultima Online’s Origin (unless you count Verant’s new Star Wars Galaxies as being a sequel to EQ). GA-RPG put together a first look at Origin for curious inquiring minds. No new information really, but it’s presented well and gives you a good bird’s eye view so to speak of what info is currently out on the game. In other words, read it for an express look and inquire further afterward. I think it looks ultra promising personally. A combat related sprinkle:

The combat system in Ultima Worlds Online: Origin should be a vast improvement over any offered in the genre prior. The plan is to make it simple and easy to begin with, but gradually become more complex as the player advances their character. Easier targeting options will be incorporated into the controls than what was included out of the box for UO to take into account the 3D aspect of the game. Melee combat has always been flawed in most games by a system that puts more emphasis on the actual items being used rather than the control of those weapons, Ultima Worlds Online: Origin should change this. The result of this will be high level melee characters that are diverse and equally fun to play as their counterpart mages. A broad range of weapons and armor will also be supported in the game, with promises of some very innovative ones at that. The mixing of melee and magic into the character development scheme will not garner super characters; they will in fact be weaker one on one than mage or melee specialists. However, hybrid characters will offer many more options, and be pretty much required for anyone who wishes to play solo. Support and encouragement for grouping and guilds will be included, but you will be able to solo quite effectively should you wish. Some creatures will be impossible to kill alone, and even large groups of high level characters will have trouble with a few, like the dragons in EverQuest perhaps.

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