Online Games Bring In Lotsa Cash

BBC News is reporting that massively multiplayer online games will bring in 1.3 billion dollars over the next year. Not only that, but revenues generated by the games will grow to more than 4 billion dollars by 2008. Crazy stuff:

Most of the cash will be generated in Asia, particularly countries such as South Korea, where online games are well established. The report tips China and Taiwan to be countries where multiplayer gaming is set to take off dramatically.

The rest of the $1.3bn total will come from advertising plus the sale of player accounts and in-game artefacts, say the report authors.

Growth in revenue is likely to come mainly from growing subscriber numbers and a much larger pool of persistent worlds for people to play in.

Over the next year titles such as World of Warcraft, Middle Earth Online, Matrix Online and EverQuest 2 look set to be popular.

One highly contested sector looks set to be online sports games. Sony, Microsoft, EA and Sega are all due to launch dedicated sports portals.

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