No Truce With the Furies Blog Updates

Fortress Occident has been busy keeping us up to speed on their upcoming CRPG since covering its design ethos earlier this month, with the most recent updates to the official developer blog covering more of the game’s skill check system, sharing a new screenshot of a bookstore, and more.  An excerpt on active skill checks:

Last time I talked about our passive skills checks – ideas involuntarily forming in your head, sensations creeping up your spine. An active skill check on the other hand, is the moment where you force your mind and body to react in a certain way. You direct a skill to go off.

Every dialogue has at least one active skill check moment. Think of these as important shots in a combat sequence, mini showdowns that form a knot in the scene. This is what the story has been building towards. Have they been lying to you all along? Can you dance, or will you grab the mic and sing karaoke? We want every appearance of an active skill check to feel weighty. It’s a dramatic juncture: either a closed door or a fork in the road.

In No Truce With The Furies an active check appears in the form of a special dialogue option. This usually happens deep in the conversation. It looks like a regular dialogue option, but highlighted.

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