New World February 2023 Team Update – Seasons, Roadmap and More

Amazon Game Studios’ MMORPG New World launched back in 2021 as a one-time purchase without a subscription model or any egregious free to play mechanics. But with the current state of the market, that just means leaving money on the table. Which now leads us to this announcement revealing New World’s new Season Pass-driven approach to updates.

The game’s actual Season Pass will offer free and premium tracks you’ll advance through by playing New World. And in return, you’ll get various cosmetic rewards, boosts, and other seasonal loot. The seasons fueling this are expected to launch roughly once per quarter, featuring new story and group content, fresh gameplay mechanics, and assorted seasonal events.

And if you’d like to learn more about New World’s seasons, and the upcoming PvP changes and balance adjustments, you should check out the latest Team Update. You’ll also find a new roadmap there, with the game’s first major expansion now scheduled for Fall 2023.

Have a look:

Some additional details:

Greetings, Adventurers!

Join the New World team for our February Team Update video, where we discuss Seasons, PvP Updates, balance changes, and the 2023 roadmap.

The video will be sectioned by topic on YouTube, so if you’re only interested in checking out certain subjects, you’ll easily be able to navigate to them. Here’s an overview of the topics included in this month’s update.



More regular updates, a wider variety of content, and additional activities are coming to New World. Learn how our new Season Pass, Seasonal Stories, Expedition, and a few other surprises will make your time in Aeternum even more memorable. For more on all things Season 1: Fellowship & Fire, view our official announcement.


Major PvP changes are on the way:

  • Colored Outlines for Enemy AoEs in PvP modes
  • Cross-World Outpost Rush
  • Outpost Rush scoring changes
  • PvP Reward Track updates
  • New 3v3 Arenas Map
  • Territory Influence changes


Look forward to more significant combat changes every season, starting with equipment load balance in Season 1. Ideally these changes will make unique styles and off-meta builds more viable regardless of the game mode.

We’ve also made the Musket, Hatchet, and Greatsword less powerful in PvP modes. Conversely, the Fire Staff felt too weak, so we redesigned it. Our goal is to revamp one Weapon per season.

Check out our balance changes segment for the full breakdown of quality of life improvements, XP gains and more for Crafting, plus updates to other Trade Skills like Cooking and Arcana.


This month’s update concludes with a deep dive into our 2023 roadmap. Highlights include our first expansion, Seasonal Trials, and Seasonal Trinkets.

Explore the Season 1 PTR for an early look at our upcoming content. Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum!

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