New Details About Infinium Labs’ Phantom Console

Infinium Labs’ Kevin Bacchus reveals new details on the service, capabilities, design, and pricing of the company’s forthcoming Phantom console at GameSpy. Here’s a snip from the article:

Since the Phantom will play PC games, control is a big issue. After all, these games were — by and large — designed to be controlled with a keyboard and mouse. Even though the system includes a standard, console-type gamepad, it will also come with a cleverly designed keyboard/mouse combo. At first glance, it looks like a normal keyboard with just a bit of mouse pad space on the right-hand side (the side Musical Youth is averse to). However, the keyboard is hinged and tilts up, allowing the space under it to be used as a full mouse pad. If you don’t understand what the hell I’m trying to describe, just look at the picture.

The typing angle is actually more ergonomic and should be comfortable for WASD commands, while having the mouse pad under it lets the whole setup sit comfortably on your lap. It’s a very novel design, but I’ll wait until I actually try it before I declare this keyboard/mouse combo a miracle of gaming.

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