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The zany Heart of Fire module for Perfect World Entertainment’s D&D-inspired MMORPG Neverwinter is currently slated for a November 6, 2018 release. And if you’d like to learn a thing or two about this particular campaign created in collaboration with Penny Arcade’s Acquisitions Incorporated show, you should check out this developer blog on the game’s website or watch this vlog brought to us by Neverwinter’s lead designer Thomas Foss:

Here’s what you can expect from the new campaign:

Hey you! Yeah you! Sitting in that chair! Ever feel like you are just a cog turning in the world where your existence means nothing? Ever feel like your pockets and heart are empty, and gold could fill that hole? Well, guess what! You can still feel that way, but under the wondrous leadership of Acquisitions Incorporated!

That’s right, Acquisitions Incorporated is coming to Neverwinter and now’s your chance to be part of something great for minimal pay and poor working conditions! You will be a key but underappreciated intern as the guys of Acquisitions Incorporated search for THE HEART OF FIRE! Fire! Fire!

The Acquisitions Incorporated campaign focuses on the search for THE HEART OF FIRE! Fire! Fire! In the search for such a wonderful gem, a gem so great it name even echoes in written form, the guys.. and you.. will have to find the location of the gem as well as actually survive the trip there! There will be bribes and threats. There will be awkward favors and unconventional disguises. And there will be rewards!!!

A Faire to Remember

The Acquisitions Incorporated campaign is a linear journey as you follow the orders of Omin and Jim.

  • Level 15?! – That’s right! Acquisitions Incorporated likes to hire their interns young. This campaign starts at level 15, with tasks and quests that unlock every 10 levels, to eventually bring your character to level 70.
  • Boons – Boons are a single task on the campaign. The task can be repeated 4 times with the first three points going towards the initial six boon choices and the fourth point granting a choice of four final boons.
  • Rewards – Many of the tasks of the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign will reward a swag bag, which contains a wondrous item. The Acquisitions Incorporated campaign store contains artifacts, random magical item packs, and THE WAND OF WONDERS! Wonders! Wonders!

Of course, finding THE HEART OF FIRE! Fire! Fire! isn’t the only thing you are being voluntold to do. There’s egg stealing, and royalty saving, and don’t forget the Bank Heist! That’s right! Our new skirmish is protecting the Manycoins Bank from the Zhentarim as they try to steal the most prized possessions of Neverwinter. And if any misplaced valuables end up in your pocket, who’s to know?

If this sounds like your kind of fun, then we want you! Grab a flyer that have been haphazardly put around Protector’s Enclave and join the interns of Acquisitions Incorporated!

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