Neverwinter Nights Review

Four Fat Chicks has posted a review of Neverwinter Nights, and although they don’t give an overall score, the RPG does receive a “thumbs up”. Check it out:

There’s a whole messload of fighting in NWN. It’s real-time virtual dice rolls; you can pause at any time and issue a command, sometimes a string of commands, such as move, drink a potion, switch your weapon (you cannot change armor during battle); otherwise, you can just sit back and watch the avatars duke it out to the bitter end. In the game options, which you can access whenever you want, there is a difficulty slider with four settings on it, ranging from Easy to Impossible (I don’t know about the nomenclature of that last, exactly; truth be told, I never even looked since it was so far outside my realm of comprehension). I mostly played on the default Normal setting, but I snuck it down to Easy from time to time when I came across something particularly hard to kill.

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