Neverwinter Nights Preview

A nice ‘first look’ at Neverwinter Nights is at RPGPlanet and asks the question: is it possible for this game to be the closest yet to the style of freedom that we once knew while playing pen & paper RPG’s? The preview gives more than a few reasons it could reach its goal. Here’s a nip:

Computers, up until now, have never even had the hope of coming close to reproducing the kind of flexible, open-ended gameplay that a pen and paper campaign with a real Dungeon Master (DM) at the helm could offer. With Neverwinter Nights, one of the players can act as the DM with the power to possess NPCs to advance the plot in conversations or action, toss in monsters, determine what treasures will be, and generally guide and spice up the campaign.

To read in its entirety, click here.

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