Neverwinter Nights Chat Log

Maximus from the Neverwinter Vault let us know that they’ve posted an edited log of the recent chat they hosted with BioWare. Here’s a quick snip of what was talked about:

Papermonk (CODI): What part of HotU are you proudest of, individually?

Jay Watamaniuk: We have received mail about spellcaster’s running into trouble with running out of quickbar space. It is something we are looking at for the future but I can’t say too much about it now. It is a community request however and we have mentioned it to the powers that be.

Tom Ohle: Definitely the venom vial icons. 🙂 But seriously, everything the team did was amazing. I think the overall feel of the game just turned out so much better than we anticipated. I did some other item crafting icons I’m extremely proud of. ;p

Rob Bartel: Personally, I really enjoyed getting into the planar mythos with Chapter 3 and coming up with an environment and storyline that felt appropriately epic.

Jay Watamaniuk: I think the genius of some of the special armor you can buy. The descriptions and look were genius.

Georg Zoeller: Hmm, much to select from 🙂 – but personally the armor appearance modification and the new spells and the Chaos Shield 😉

Darcy Pajak: I’m just very proud of the whole team. The designers created a great story. The artists really pushed the graphics engine with their models and areas. The voices were done in Edmonton for the first time, and Dave Chan really did a great job there. I’m even happy that we have a 5 disk holder in this one.

Tom Ohle: While I didn’t do the weapon upgrade system, I thought it went a long way towards making the game cooler. It saved us a lot of Monty Haul balance issues as well. I licked the box. It tasted yummy.

Georg Zoeller: yea, the diskholder was really a personal highlight when opening the box

Derek French: I liked the Mike Sass cover myself on Hordes

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