Neverwinter: Dragonslayer Release Date Announced

The Dragonslayer module for Cryptic Studios’ free to play MMORPG Neverwinter that was originally revealed during this year’s D&D Direct event will apparently be going live on June 14, 2022 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. When that happens, you’ll be able to experience a fresh batch of content, explore some new systems, and participate in a series of Dragon Hunts inspired by D&D’s Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons supplement.

Here’s a press release with some extra details:

Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios are excited to announce that Dragonslayer, the 23rd module for Neverwinter, will launch on PC (Arc Games, Epic Games Store and Steam), Xbox and PlayStation on June 14. Announced at D&D Direct, the new Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons-inspired module marks the very first time both PC and console players can enjoy new content on the same day, as previous modules for Neverwinter have launched at different times across platforms. The upcoming module will let players become one of Smerdiuk Dragonbane’s mighty dragonslayers as they will enter epic lairs and hunt down chromatic dragons from the D&D universe. Both longtime veteran players and new players have plenty of thrilling adventures to look forward to in Dragonslayer.

The new module will introduce a brand-new Dragon Hunt system, which lets adventurers battle various chromatic dragons – from icy White Dragons to cunning Green Dragons – of different ages (Young, Adult, Ancient), with each dragon type presenting its own unique set of challenges to overcome, lairs to explore and rewards to acquire. The draconic foe content doesn’t end there, players will also discover Neverwinter’s deadly creatures have been completely revamped with all-new attacks, spells and the ability to take to the skies. In addition, the D&D fan-favorite “Temple of Tiamat” trial featuring the beloved dragon queen, Tiamat, will get a major content update bringing new mechanics and challenges, along with Normal and Master difficulty options.

And if you’d like to know more about the new Dragon Hunt feature, you should check out this developer blog. Here are the text bits:


Valindra’s foul magic has permeated the Sword Coast and corrupted countless dragons by awakening them to their planar echoes. To address the threat, Lord Neverember has enlisted the aid of notorious dragon hunter Smerdiuk Dragonbane. Smerdiuk and his crew have arrived in Protector’s Enclave to set up a new base of operations in their hunt. They welcome any adventurer who proves they can face off against the might of the dragons.

Dragon Hunter’s Camp

Smerdiuk Dragonbane is a renowned dragon hunter famous for his books on dragon hunting. He brings with him a crew of expert hunters who fulfill various roles in his dragon hunter’s camp set up past the Deekin Street gate in Protector’s Enclave. Gurness Stormforge is Smerdiuk’s trusty smith, a master of forging the magical scales of dragons into unrivaled weapons and armor. Aerlyna Everfell is the true hunter of the group, tracking dragons throughout the Sword Coast. Zaraloth investigates the mysteries of the Weave and currently researches the effects of Valindra’s mythal on dragons across the Sword Coast. And lastly Smerdiuk’s lifelong friend Dhomir the Pious serves as the group’s healer and aids in matters of curses and cleansing.

Dragon Hunts

Dragon hunts are a new kind of queue where you can take on young dragons by yourself, adult dragons in a party of three, or the most powerful ancient dragons in a full party of five. As you progress in the Dragon Hunt questline you will unlock access to ancient dragon hunts, and a variety of rewards to be purchased with parts harvested from defeated dragons.

Dragon Lairs

From icy peaks to volcanic depths, dragons make their home in various places across Faerun. You will travel with the dragon hunters to various lairs hunting chromatic dragons affected by the mythal. Dragon hunts will take place across five distinct biomes where the five chromatic dragons have made their lairs and hidden their vast treasure hordes.

Hunt Modifiers

More challenging dragons can be hunted by applying hunt modifiers when departing for a dragon hunt. These modifiers change up the way a hunt plays out and empower the dragons. This also increases the rewards gained at the end of a hunt. A new interface will guide players in proposing different modifiers from their collection and the system will then select which modifiers are applied from the group’s proposals. More modifiers can be unlocked and upgraded as you progress.

Dragon Updates

Dragons in Neverwinter have been overhauled and modernized to be mobile, dynamic, and intelligent threats worthy of the D&D name. Along with a major visual update, dragons now command a new suite of powerful attacks and spells. In true D&D fashion, Dragons can now take flight and sweep the lair with devastating breath weapons, or stand on their haunches in an intimidating stance displaying their mastery of magic as flinging powerful spells at their enemies. As they age, dragons’ become more challenging, unlocking the ability to use more abilities with ancient dragons demonstrating the pinnacle of this incredible creature. Whether it be the vicious white dragon or the cunning black dragon, they each chromatic dragon has a fighting style fitting their personality and elemental affinity. This creates a unique challenge to overcome and master as adventurers rise through the ranks to become a top Dragonslayers.

Campaign and Rewards

Dragon hunts will have a new Dragonslayer campaign which you will progress by hunting dragons. You will also work to gather Elemental Strands from various Adventure Zones and Queues in order to unlock and upgrade your Dragon Hunt Modifiers, as well as collect epic new dragon hunter gear!

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