NBA 2K21 Demo Announced for Kobe Day

Shortly after the tragic accident and death of Kobe Bryant, NBA 2K knew it wanted to honor and pay tribute to the Laker legend in some way. It decided to make him the cover athlete of the legend editions of NBA 2K21 for current gen and next gen. Now it seems it didn’t stop just there, with the announcement of the NBA 2K21 Demo dropping on the honorary Kobe Day this August 24th (8/24) . This is a subtle yet great way to honor and remind people of the legendary NBA player and personality that was Kobe Bryant.

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What to expect in the NBA 2K21 Demo

The details for what people will be allowed to do or experience hasn’t been shared yet, but going off of past years a few things can be expected. Mostly likely the MyPlayer Builder will return with a few minor tweaks, allowing players to at least play around and try out various players builds they may want when the full game drops on September 4th. 2K usually puts a limit on how many tries you get at this, which has always been a complaint of the community, if they have time before the full game they should be allowed to make and try as many combinations of making a player to keep them occupied.

After the making of our players, we can probably expect some short story mode chapters. Usually the begin of the story line that will continue once the full game is released. These do tend to be very short for some reason and another negative feedback from the community. By the time you start getting into the demo or starting figuring out your build you get hit with the end screen. It would be nice of 2K took the approach of NBA LIVE and let you create and use your player online in the park versus and with other people. Of course there is a cap on how much you can level up and unlock, but the amount of games you can play is unlimited. This would clearly hold fans over for the week or two until the actual full game release.  2K has never done that approach so  I will not have high hopes for it this year, but one can hope.

While it is short and very limited even by a demo’s standard at least it gives the game a little hype and players a little time to experiment in the lab with types of player builds.

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