Nation Breakers: Steam Arena to be Released on Steam Early Access

Robot Battling just got more dangerous with Coded Clay Interactive’s latest arena bot-battler, Nation Breakers: Steam Arena. Take on a weaponized steam-bot, and destroy all the other steam-bots stupid enough to share the arena with you, but be careful one hit will mean the end of your combat career. The “glass-cannon” bot battler will be heading to Steam Early Access during Q4 2019.

The gameplay is simple, control a weaponized yet fairly fragile bot in one of the 36 hazardous arena’s and destroy all your opponents. Stay quick stay nimble and don’t get hit. There are various pickups that can help you such as dynamite, shields and laser missiles. If things get too bleak you can use one of the portals to escape, or maybe use them to deliver a brutal back-stab on an unsuspecting opponent.

Although Nation Breakers is predominantly a multiplayer game, there is also a solo mode where you can hone your skills and survivability. And you’ll need all these skills, in order to stay ticking. Each of the 36 arenas set across 3 themes offers both variety and danger from the very beginning. Log grenades from a distance or get up close with the battering ram. Choose wisely and aim true, and truly watch those bot bits fly off.

If more encouragement was needed then know that the industrial soundtrack of the game, a brilliant, chest-hammering score was composed by independent musician George Lever (G1 Productions)

Nation Breakers: Steam Arena Key Features

  • Engage in fast and dangerous one-hit battles, where skill and speed make all the difference
  • Solo, co-op and online game modes
  • 3 themes consisting of 12 levels, so 36 arenas in total
  • Grab dynamite, laser missiles, shields and many more pickups
  • Hectic and crazy arenas with portals you can use for escape or strategic attack

Nation Breakers: Steam Arenas will be available on Steam Early Access towards the end of 2019. Stay tuned for more info, right here at  or head over to the Steam Early Access page.

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Jim Franklin

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