Mythic’s Mark Jacobs on WAR’s Lack of Credits

MTV Multiplayer grilled Mythic’s Mark Jacobs during the Leipzig Games Convention about a recent report that some former Warhammer Online developers won’t be credited in the final product.

([Leaving the person out of the credits] could be a mistake. I’m not saying it’s not happening. I just don’t know who the heck this person is. So come out, stop hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and the legal shield of ‘˜I’m going to sue EA.’)

Jacobs and I discussed this during a longer conversation about just how creators of an MMO should and should not get credit.

Jacobs also told me that he has has heard from former staff members who have called to say that it wasn’t them. (If the three years is correct, there’s only a few people it can be. But I don’t know if the three years is correct because I know who was working on it three years ago, and most of those people are still with the company. Maybe this person was fired from Mythic and they don’t want to say who they were publicly.)

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