Mythic’s Mark Jacobs on Sony’s Station Exchange

Mythic Entertainment CEO Mark Jacobs has issued a statement to GameDAILY Biz on why he feels Sony’s Station Exchange auction service is bad for the MMORPG industry as a whole. The article also features a reply to Mark’s comments from SOE president John Smedley. Check it out:

Another problem that Jacobs foresees is one that’s already prevalent in many MMOs: players that try to gain complete control over the best spots for acquiring loot. This, he says, will only lead to more customer service time for SOE. “One of the stated reasons for this decision was the fact that currently a lot of SOE’s CSR time is taken up by dealing with fraudulent complaints. While the number of these complaints (or simply the time that is taken up by them) may decrease, won’t SOE’s CSRs have to spend more time now dealing with players who are seeking to monopolize the best revenue-generating spots? This type of behavior is already a problem in many online games and by directly tying their game systems to a real money auction system, this type of behavior is likely to increase thus forcing an increase in SOE’s CSR time,” explains Jacobs.

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