Mythica Q&A

GameSpot has conducted an interview with Mythica’s Joel Manners, asking the lead designer quite a few questions about the MMORPG. Check it out:

Q: While competing with other players might be an interesting prospect, we expect that the team will also implement features to encourage players to work together and form actual communities. What sort of community-building features does the team have planned for the game?

A: Community is such an important part of an online game (especially a persistent one) that we want to pay considerable attention to supporting it. Players like to be able to form official groups and receive real gameplay and social benefits from being in the group. This means both long-term player groups (guilds) and short-term (hunting parties and alliances). We also want players to be able to monitor and interact with their social groups and friends out of the game so that players can chat and update and plan from work or wherever they happen to be.

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