MythForce – Big Sword, Big Spore Update Live

Big Sword, Big Spore, the latest early access update for Beamdog’s roguelite adventure MythForce, is now live on the Epic Games Store. It introduces greatswords and some new enemies for you to use these shiny new swords on. And just for good measure, it also fixes a number of bugs.

The link above has the patch notes, and here’s a quick overview of the bigger new features:


Hello, friends! It’s Project Director Luke here, once again, with our latest update to MythForce, the Big Sword, Big Spore update. As the name implies, this time around, you’re going to be seeing some big swords, and a really big sporefolk showing up in the game, with the addition of Greatswords, and a new Elite monster: The Spore Goliath.

As our first brand new player-usable weapon, the Greatsword is a 2-handed melee weapon that has both good damage output, and some decent tanking potential, thanks to its sweeping, powerful cleaving attacks, and the ability to raise the sword in defense. It doesn’t have the speed of a sword, the stun and stagger of a mace, the reach of a bow, the AoE of a spell, or the solid defense of a shield, but gives you a little bit of everything in one massive, bladed package. It’s a bit of a “hack (& slash) of all trades.” We really hope you have as much fun with it as we have.

But we couldn’t just drop a big new weapon without also giving you something new to hit with it, so we’re also introducing the top of the Sporefolk food chain, the Elite Spore Goliath. It moves slowly but packs a heck of a wallop in close range, and can rapidly close the distance with a leaping attack and stunning ranged attack. When you hear the squelchy thud of those big mushy footsteps, get ready for a fight.

That’s not all, though – we’re also adding to our communication wheel with emotes and triggerable voice lines. Now you can play Rochambeau, have a hearty laugh, show off, or quip to your teammates.

All this and more! Read on below for other improvements, new features, and a healthy sprinkling of bug fixes as well[…]

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