Mutants Rising Fallout 2 Mod News

There’s a news update for the Fallout 2 total conversion mod Mutants Rising available on the official website, which also happens to include some new screenshots.

I realise that many of you have been eagerly anticipating this project and as such I have an apology to make. The website has not been kept up to date as was hoped and we haven’t been around NMA for a while either. There has been valid reasons for this but rather than dwell on the past, we are looking to the future. The website will undergo periodic updates to keep everyone informed of what we are doing.

The key piece of news this month is the mod progress from the main page. This is not a lie: we are very close to the end of the project. The team has been very active over the summer and have spent countless hours on furthering the project. Only two towns are left to be worked on and all the others are either completed or well under development.

The artistic team, consisting of Continuum, Dopefish and Equilerex have completed countless pieces of art and each town (with one exception) now has a loading screen. It has almost reached the point where the writers can’t come up with any new artwork for them to make!

Public, our new musician, is a one man musical army. He has created, along with help from Emink, new music for almost every town in the game. The atmosphere of Mutants Rising has taken on a personality all of it’s own.

Animalize, our only full time mapper, has completed maps for no less than four full towns all on his own as well as maps for smaller, less involved areas. Whilst it is true that many of the team are capable mappers, none of us live up to his high standards.

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