Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Interview, Preview

This year’s Gamescom has already given us the release date for Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, but now we also get a chance to check out a brand new developer interview, courtesy of IGN, and watch some fresh gameplay footage. Have a look:

If you’re interested in the game, you may also like this PC Gamer preview of the Gamescom demo that makes a point of stressing the game’s surprisingly satisfying level of difficulty. An excerpt:

If you’re wondering why I’m the only one who’s beaten this demo after almost two days of Gamescom, my terrible secret, reader, is I that I played it on easy mode. Sorry! There’s a reason I did this. Ordinarily I would pick normal for a review or preview, but the developers made a point of saying no one had finished the demo, after many media appointments. Knowing I wanted to write about it, I thought I should at least give myself a shot at seeing everything on offer if I was going to comment on it.

It’s still surprisingly tough on easy, though, even with a few soft touches like restoring your characters’ health after a battle. It’s not like the gentle empowerment and all-conquering satellites of an easy XCOM campaign. The difficulty settings are described to me as “hard, harder and hardest,” and I believe it. The developers mention it’ll take around 15+ hours to finish the campaign on lower difficulty settings, and over 20 if you go higher.

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