Mount & Blade Review

The guys at are next up to review TaleWorlds’ Mount & Blade, in which they give the action RPG a score of 7.5/10.

The really frustrating thing about Mount & Blade is that it is doing things no other games have ever even attempted. I can’t think of another game with the robust, incredibly smooth and fun combat system like this one, and I can’t think of another game that even endeavors to be as complete a simulation of medieval life as this one. I’ll be playing Mount & Blade for a long time after this release, just as I’ve played it a long time before it, because despite all of it’s flaws it’s still highly addictive and loads of fun in the right areas.

However, half-done, with poor graphics and large parts of its comprehensive simulation in tatters or just not there, Mount & Blade isn’t worth the $40 TaleWorlds is charging. If you already bought the game when it was in beta I bought it for $18, for instance then you’re entitled to version 1.0 for free in thanks for your support of the game. If that’s the case, then this game has already pulled you in and it’s definitely worth what you paid for it. Enjoy it.

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