Mount & Blade Preview

1UP is the latest website to take a look at the upcoming Pirates!-style RPG Mount & Blade.

Mount & Blade is very open-ended game, allowing the player to attack or form allegiances with any of 5 different factions. All the while, the game’s independent A.I. reacts to your faction treatments on the fly, resulting in a different result every time you play. The plot, while sparse, revolves around aiding a deposed prince reclaim his rightful throne. Along the way, you can recruit special heroes to join your forces, though your standing with the game’s factions affects how certain characters react to your recruitment drive. The game also has a detailed skill system that examines each attack and awards a specific value of experience points to the player based on the difficulty of said attack. For example, putting an arrow in the head of a charging mounted knight gives you more experience than trampling an unconscious peasant. Depending on your play style, there are numerous ways to progress through the game, including traditional castle sieges, smaller skirmishes, trading, and even diplomacy if you’re a complete coward who faints at the sight of blood (you worthless pantywaist).

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