Mount & Blade Preview offers a preview for Mount & Blade, as we near the release date of this independent action RPG.

Did I mention the almost eerie way the game allows you to spread character points, attribute points and other character development like the Fallout RPG titles? Well, I didn’t, but now I just did. If you are a fan like me, then you will smile with the ease and familiarity of the setup. There is no smarmy humor injected into the different attribute descriptions, but the flow is still the same. I like it.

Graphically, M&B is pretty spry looking, there is a certain look the game that evokes a simple charm. Characters look a bit wooden, but this isn’t a finished product. What does look nice is the design of the castles and architecture overall. There are plenty of places to go and find yourself neck deep in trouble. Don’t be starting no trouble with the castle guards in the beginning, you will die very easily, wait a while and maybe collect some friends to form a party.

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