Mount & Blade GC Preview

The IGN editors have returned from the Leipzig Games Convention with a better understanding of what Mount & Blade has to offer.

The game’s hook is its swordplay, letting you control from which direction you attack and defend. So if, during battle, an enemy does an overhead slash, you’ll need to align your sword appropriately to deflect the attack. If you’ve got it positioned as to stop a swing coming in from the left or right side, it’s not going to work. Fighting takes place either from horseback or on foot, and you’ll have to make a few decisions as to what you bring to battle. A shield will obviously provide better protection, but it can break. A two-handed weapon offers superior offensive power, but it’s not as good for defense. Momentum also needs to be taken into a

While running around the field of battle a number of commands can be given to whatever hirelings you have with you, from holding their ground to charging the enemy. You’ll need the help in some of the game’s larger battles, as you gain in power you’ll become the target of rival factions. In addition to standard groups of hirelings, you can bring more powerful heroes to your cause, each of whom have personalities that you need to pay attention to.

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