Mount & Blade Combat System Detailed

Paradox Interactive sent us over a press release this morning offering some additional details about the combat system in TaleWorlds’ Mount & Blade.

Paradox Interactive Reveals the Secrets of Battle in Mount & Blade

Medieval Action-RPG Features Revolutionary Battle Dynamics and Skill-Based Combat System

NEW YORK – Sept. 11, 2008 Paradox Interactive today revealed additional details about Mount & Blade, the upcoming single-player medieval combat title for the PC. Developed by Turkish development house TaleWorlds Entertainment, the game will feature a unique combat system that accounts for players’ defensive reactions in battle, as well as their physical positioning when making attacks.

(What separates Mount & Blade from other action RPG’s is that that most RPG’s have more statistics-based combat, while we use skill-based combat,) explained Armagan Yavuz, Lead Programmer of TaleWorlds Entertainment. (Even though the damage you do is influenced by the statistics of your character and his weapon, it is also based on physics formulas: the energy, speed and impact angle of the weapon. For example, if you are rapidly approaching your enemy while you’re mounted on a fast-moving horse, the damage will be much greater since the momentum of your horse is added to the speed of your weapon’s swing.)

In addition to its highly advanced combat dynamics, Mount & Blade features an open environment in which players can go anywhere to interact with characters and forge alliances or conquer foes throughout hundreds of villages, castles and towns. Mount & Blade will be available for purchase in stores and for digital download at GamersGate, the leading digital distribution platform creating easily accessible gaming experiences for gamers worldwide. The game is set to ship on September 16th in North America and September 19th in Europe. For more information, please visit

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