Morrowind: Game of the Year Reviews

A handful of reviews for Bethesda’s “Game of the Year” edition of Morrowind have hit the web. The first is at TeamXbox with an overall score of 4.5/5:

Sure I’ve knocked some aspects of the GotY Edition, but in reality it’s an incredible game. The GotY Edition will give previous Morrowind fanatics a few more reasons to dust off their character, and at the discount price, it offers a great chance for those whom may not have played it to jump right in. The fact that many of the bugs found in the original game weren’t addressed is a bit disheartening. All in all, the GotY Edition is better than the original, but I still expected more. This should be required playing for any RPG fan.

The second is at with an overall score of 8.7/10:

Morrowind Game of the Year Edition is an excellent value. If you complete it fully, you’ll be paying around ten cents per hour. Compare that to some recent releases which have you paying some eight dollars per hour that is an insane bargain. If you were a fan of Morrowind, you’ll want the new content. If you weren’t really sure before, you can’t really beat 200 hours for $30.

And the third is at Xbox Maniacs with an overall score of 9/10:

Just like the original, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – Game of the Year Edition is an incredible game well worth the small price. Hundreds of hours of gameplay are locked inside waiting to be unleashed. If you’re an RPG fan, and you haven’t played this game before, you’ve been missing out. All we can say: you must play this game.

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