Morrowind Confusion Slip Slidin’ Away

As the Morrowind draws nearer and nearer… edging closer and closer, yet still so far away with a lot of work left (oh how I count the days until I can help make a game like this (or better) reality), the edited chat log from last night’s chat is up at Destination Morrowind, due to the hard work of the site. Some new information has been gleaned straight from the horses mouth such as the ability to go through the game as some of the beasts. Here’s a little more on that:

* WormGod_at_BS draws back the iron curtain……..
<todd[Bethesda]> We’ve been trying to work out how everyone could play beast races (khajiits and argonians)….
<todd[Bethesda]> and Gary is retarded.
<WormGod_at_BS> and deformed
<todd[Bethesda]> Oh wait. sorry. You CAN choose to play a khajiit and argonian and they KICK ASS…
<WormGod_at_BS> and Todd rides the short bus
<kathode> really? so in the single player game, straight out of the box, we’ll be able to play as the beast races?
<todd[Bethesda]> We have updated the anim system (which was huge) to handle double jointed legs and tails. This is not trivial…
<todd[Bethesda]> Yes, single player. You can play them (wait till you see the screen shots)…

Now that’s an interesting development idea!

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