Morrowind: Bloodmoon Review

RPGDot has posted a review of Morrowind: Bloodmoon, giving the expansion an overall score of 91%. Their conclusion to follow:

All in all, Bloodmoon is an enjoyable, open-ended but well-paced, intelligently designed addition to an already great game, and its refinement of the best parts of both Morrowind and Tribunal may even give gamers that weren’t enthused about the original game a good reason to take a second look. The quests are fun, the role-playing options are numerous, and Solstheim offers a brand new wide-open space for players who’ve seen enough of Vvardenfell. Playing as a werewolf offers the first real addition of gameplay since the original game, and it has been well implemented and well balanced with the rest of the game. As in Tribunal, this expansion is mostly a discrete experience from Morrowind, although bringing your lycanthropy back to Vvardenfell offers an interesting challenge. For anyone that loved Morrowind the first, or fifth, time through, Bloodmoon is a must have, and if you’re a fan of RPG’s but somehow haven’t picked the original game up, the newest addition to the Elder Scrolls should give you another 40-50 open-ended hours worth of reasons to give it a try.

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