Morrowind: Bloodmoon Review

GamersHell has posted a review of Bloodmoon, the latest expansion for Morrowind. This review has a less enthusiastic view of the game than most others I have seen, mostly expressing some dissappointment over the amount of monsters and frequent loading times found in the game. Overall, they give it a 7.3. Here is their conclusion:

To me the Morrowind games are special. They have in my opinion an intriguing story and freedom in which you can just (live) for a long time. The games keep you going for a good load of hours, but you should be able to finish the main quest of Bloodmoon over a weekend, depending on how powerful your character is. I don’t recommend that you start the main quest with a new character, because the monsters you face are considerably harder than the ones found in the two first games. So even if you have like me finished both Morrowind and Tribunal, you should find a good challenge here. This expansion adds some neat things which fans will undoubtedly want to check out – but there are so many irritating things that I can’t really say is is particularly good.

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