More v1.63 Fixes On Pendragon

Sanya has posted a list of v1.63 fixes on the Camelot Herald that have been added to Pendragon and will go to the live servers tomorrow. Check ’em out:

– In the 1.63 patch notes, we said “We have added guild bounty point merchants to coincide with the bounty merchants in the capital cities and expansion starting cities. The NPC names are as follows (insert list of names).” This note was a bit premature, and those merchants are not yet active. To re-emphasize – you *currently* cannot use GBP to pay rent on the live servers, only Personal bounty points on a house that you personally own or a guild house where you are guild rank 0.

– The following housing decorations are incorrectly priced, and some time tomorrow, they will cost 10 gold apiece:

* The tall shrubbery garden item, currently 30 gold and 1×1.
* The holly shrubbery garden item, currently 15 gold and 4×1.
* A holly hedge, currently 20 gold and 4×1.

– Attention all crafters in possession of old straps, scales, studs, and wires: we have a solution for you on Pendragon. You will find in your crafting recipe list a new recipe, one that simply converts your unusable components and turns them into another component – one that will sell for 98% of the cost, as promised. Please note these conversion recipes are temporary, and will not last forever. So convert your old components as soon as possible, once this fix is live!

– Making hotbar buttons out of command window buttons should now work.

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