More Camelot Hot Fixes

Straight from the Camelot Herald:


Oceanus Quests

Stolen History

– Paladins and Champions that received the Melos Knotted Pearl Necklace can return it to Actanei in Oceanus. She will give them a Melos Braided Pearl Necklace, which is better suited to those two classes. Please note – players MUST have neutral faction with the Melos Alliance to perform the exchange. Players must also have completed the Stolen History quest and have the Knotted Pearl Necklace with them. This exchange can only be performed once.

– Paladins and Champions will receive the Braided Pearl Necklace from now on as their reward for this quest.

Oceanus Encounters

– After taking Khonorn’s half of the key, Linos would remain in his powered up state for ten minutes. After ten minutes he returns to normal and will no longer drop the “Barnacle Encrusted Key” or his other potential loot. Now if he is in he powered up he will remain so for ten minutes after the start of each fight that is started while he’s powered up. This will ensure that a group who is forced to retreat from him gets a fair second shot at taking him out.

Item Notes

– There were several instances of objects with bonuses to damage (archery, melee, spell or style) or range (archery or spell) that were not given a specific enemy type making them more powerful than intended. Since these bonuses were designed to be globally effective for artifacts and other extremely rare objects only, all instances of these objects have had the type set to (humanoid) enemies.

– Medusa should no longer drop Hibernian items for Albion and Midgard players.

– The Hooked Spear of the Depths, Hooked Spear of the Chasm, Hooked Spear of the Gale, and Hooked Spear of the Blaze (Midgard) should now have the appropriate damage type set.

– The Cudgel of Whispering Wind (Midgard) should now be set to equip using the hammer skill and should do crushing damage. In addition, the duplicate strength stat cap bonus has been changed to a constitution stat cap bonus.

– The delve information concerning how to gain experience for the Belt of the Moon should now be correct.

– The Vined Entwined Hauberk (Hibernia) should now be set to scale armor instead of reinforced armor.

– The Midgard and Hibernia version of the Harpy Feather Cloak should no longer have magical abilities at Item Level 0.


– Dwilibeth in Erikstaad Market should now promote tailors who are ready to advance their skill.

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