More Accounts Cancelled

Blizzard’s official website has been updated with the following news:

A number of additional accounts and CD keys have been tied to the use of a hack or cheat program while playing StarCraft or Warcraft III on In keeping with our aggressive stance against cheating, we have permanently closed 263,000 StarCraft accounts and 19,000 Warcraft III accounts. 8,000 of the Warcraft III CD keys used with the now-closed accounts have been banned from ladder play for one month, and 1,100 more have been banned from ladder play permanently. Repeat offenders risk having their CD keys disabled, which will result in the permanent removal of their copies of StarCraft or Warcraft III from

We will continue to monitor for cheating and take action as needed. A false report filed by one player against another will not result in the actions described above.

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