More Arcanum Rain

For the time being, the RPG spotlight is on Troika Games’ Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura. Since the beta started, more juicy nibs have come from that game than any other and is expected to continue for the next few weeks I would think ’til the beta has been looked at more than Diablo II’s stress test. PC.IGN has a new preview based on their hands-on the beta. Here’s a little trickle:

The best thing about Arcanum, at least so far from this beta. is its free form structure. According to the team, you can break almost any rule and finish the game. That includes throwing away the ring, one of the key objects, or even killing Virgil outright. While it might makes thing near impossible at times, the team doesn’t want you to feel like your on rails in the game at any point. It’s an impressive goal, and hopefully one that will make Arcanum an enjoyably replayable experience.

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