Middle-earth: Shadow of War Free Demo Available

The recently released 1.18 update for Monolith’s Orc-slaying action-RPG Middle-earth: Shadow of War completely removes the in-game microtransaction market, while also streamlining and polishing the post-campaign Epilogue. And if that sounds like something you might be interested in, you can now try Shadow of War’s free demo and then take things from there. Here’s the official demo trailer:

Some additional details:

The free demo is available from the store page[.]

If you or a friend have yet to play this epic adventure based on the award-winning Nemesis System, there’s never been a better – or easier – time to begin.

About the Demo

Go deep into the heart of Mordor to conquer the forested region of Nurn. Build an army of unique Orc Followers and then lead them in a massive fortress assault to take down its Overlord and replace him with a loyal Follower of your own. Your new Overlord will follow you into the full game once you purchase.

The entire region of Nurn and its quests are unlocked in this demo.

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