Middle-Earth Online Preview

EDBIS has dished up a preview of Turbine’s Middle-Earth Online, their upcoming MMORPG set in the Tolkien universe. Check it out:

Graphically it is better than most other MMORPGs that are out at this time. The graphics engine is a full 3D engine that looks very detailed. Of course, that is to be expected as time goes on and only time can tell if the graphics of the game will fit with the themes and style of Tolkien’s world. All the artwork within this game is to be original and with any luck Turbine will follow similar styles of Alan Lee and John Howe. If not they will sorely disappoint Tolkien lovers and gamers.

There are the typical fare of being able to write your own books, purchase and gain houses, craft various of items through skill use, and so forth and so on. Even with this the game will give what fans of the movies and books have been clamoring for, a chance to live and breathe in one of the most famous fantasy world in literature. Turbine Entertainment has taken a big chance in making this MMORPG and there will be Tolkien fans eyeing this game for any sort of faults. Good luck to Turbine.

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