Middle-Earth Online Gen Con Preview

GameSpy has dished up a report detailing what they saw of Turbine’s upcoming Middle-Earth Online at this year’s Gen Con. Here’s a bit of what they had to say:

When I entered the barrows at the Barrow Downs I was informed that this particular dungeon was a good example of a “private encounter.” Basically, this dungeon was available to anyone who had received the quest, but when a party entered, they went through a private version of the dungeon that was generated for them alone. This means that people can team up for actual adventures with trigger points, dramatic monster attacks, riddles, timed elements, and more. Assuming it works, it means that players will be able to do much more than just hang around a spawn point waiting for a monster. Vivendi, however, was quick to stress that there will also be public dungeons where people can go and meet other groups.

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