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Michael Cranford, the mastermind behind The Bard’s Tale series, is the latest guest on Matt Barton’s Matt Chat show. To start things off, we get a sales pitch for Wise Wands, Michael Cranford’s new NFT project, but with that out of the way, the interview then turns towards the past and his early projects including Maze Master, a Wizardry-inspired game, his collaboration with Brian Fargo on The Bard’s Tale, his other games like Darkseed and Centauri Alliance, and more.

There’s a lot of great stuff there, so be sure to check this out:

Michael Cranford is the creator of The Bard’s Tale as well as Centauri Alliance, Darkseed, and the upcoming Wise Wands NFT CRPG. We cover all sorts of great topics and stories including the infamous disk incident, how Brian the cool dawg and Michael the computer wiz became high school buddies, cringe-inducing weirdness on the Darkseed project, and much more!

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