Metalheart: Replicants Rampage Interview, Part One

RPGVault has conducted an interview with Akella’s Alexander Filatow, asking the chief programmer a batch of questions about their upcoming cyberpunk RPG, Metalheart: Replicants Rampage. An excerpt to follow:

Q: What kind of gameworld will Metalheart offer, and what are your goals for the overall environment players will experience?

A: The gameworld is our vision of the dark future, but not Earth’s, with ruined suburbs and habitable scrap heaps, but also some well-protected high-tech facilities and functioning cities.

We also tried to put some history in this future, so all the futuristic facilities are located in old places. It will be very common to see scenes like a wooden bridge with a high technology facility nearby.

And everybody behaves like in the Wild West. There will be 70 different levels in total, each of them covering an area of up to approximately one square mile – the team will travel to them via a world map, which also will allow have random encounter locations for battles.

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