Mechajammer Patch v1.06 Now Live

The big v1.06 patch for Whalenought Studios’ cyberpunk RPG Mechajammer is here, offering numerous fixes and improvements that primarily deal with the game’s UI issues and basic functionality. Beyond that, there are also some art, ruleset, and dialogue fixes. Here’s the complete changelog:

The highly anticipated v1.06 patch is here!

This is our largest patch to date and it includes all the fixes and additions we worked on throughout the holidays. Some of you may notice a few of these changes from playing on the Quinton Playtesting branch, which we’ve been happy to see your reactions to over on Discord!

Without further ado, here’s the v1.06 changelist:


  • Overlapping items bugs fixed
  • Notifier in game feed for mutation damage
  • Tightened game feed text
  • Pelican does not get mini map icon at beginning of game
  • “Acquired item” text pops up correctly
  • Character sheet shows all advantages and disadvantages next to list of jobs
  • “Open Bag” key corrected in options menu
  • Fixed typo with one-handed and two-handed edge weapons in character sheet description
  • Fixed bug where the notepadopens on the player’s HUD incorrectly when the user mashes the “I”
  • Fixed incorrect label of settings menu
  • Fixed typos with lightning rod text in item description
  • Fixed types with commas missing
  • Fixed health bar not dropping to zero in training tutorial
  • Fixed bug in tutorial where enemies display the unconscious meter incorrectly when the player respawns
  • Fixed typo in psionic detector description
  • Can read text in hover box over items in top row of inventory bag
  • Fixed bug with hovering over side-by-side items in bag not always showing description text
  • Can double-click to equip shields and armor in bag
  • Fixed equipping shield and two-handed weapons bug
  • Game log is smaller and can stay open during gameplay
  • Game log starts open
  • Game log names are colored for main player, companions and enemies
  • Fixed bug with damage roll game log text
  • Increased size of merchant bag
  • Updated socket sprites
  • Fixed bug where socket upgrades dragged onto items without sockets can disappear
  • Fixed formatting issues in character creation description text
  • Updated description for Action Turns in character screen for accuracy to ruleset


  • Pick up items with HUD menu instead of in world clicking
  • Fixed bug with items falling outside of walkable areas
  • Fixed bug with saving unconscious enemies
  • Fixed bug with dropped items having 1 durability
  • Fixed bug with bar keep merchant bag in Factus Core
  • Fixed bug with MFI scanners spawning in ground
  • Fixed bug with MFI scanners drifting too slowly
  • Fixed plasma guns not hitting crouched enemy
  • Rioters no longer start riots indoors
  • Rioters and police leave the area correctly after altercation instead of standing around
  • Fixed bug with cars driving through ground over ramped areas
  • Backup reinforcements from spotlights limited to 2 groups at once
  • Fixed error that occurred while using lightning rod on civilians
  • Fixed bug with walking through locker doors
  • Fixed bug with walking through lockers after opening
  • Fixed enemies that disappear in shadows incorrectly
  • Text shows on hover over locked doors that describes door health (fragile/sturdy/indestructible)
  • Loot drops further away from locker door to avoid colliding with locker itself
  • Fixed hover colors on body parts (bug introduced in 1.04)
  • Fixed bug with time passing incorrectly when talking to an evangelist
  • Fixed healing time passing incorrectly when healing with medic
  • Drones are created in bag inventory item panel instead of with item on ground (due to changes to item pickups)
  • Fixed pathfinding issues when clicking over water surface
  • Updated note at the Faith to accurately display puzzle colors
  • Fixed bug with healing from toxins through clinic dealer in Old Town
  • Fixed bug in beginning cinematic where thug runs across bridge after raised
  • Fixed debris appearing in wrong location when hitting object or wall
  • Increased volume of sound that plays when you hit objects to match other sounds
  • Fixed bug where player can bludgeon a box from a distance after switching from range action
  • Fixed bug with gang NPCs not turning hostile when you talk to boss


  • Fixed shadows not showing correctly in tutorial and in some areas of game maps
  • Drone companion plays correct animation while driving and talking
  • Fixed bug where dead NPCs show up with incorrect sprite after returning to an area
  • Fixed items clipping through floor


  • Fixed incorrect pain threshold stats included in roll for knockout attacks
  • Fixed bug with rolls for chemistry not calculating learning dice correctly
  • Fixed bug with rolls for hacking not calculating learning dice correctly
  • Fixed bug with rolls for social not calculating occult dice correctly
  • Fixed bug with rolls for repair not calculating learning dice correctly


  • Medic plays correct sound effect during dialogue
  • Fixed dialogue text error with Bottler and R4T boss
  • Companions virtue skills are separated to keep from going off screen during dialogue
  • Fixed bug where companion bag opens while talking about skills
  • Can talk to Faith Preacher now after ignoring them the first time
  • Fixed mismatched warnings from gangs that spawn in street after you infiltrate their base

Due to the size of this patch, we’re unable to offer a special thanks to specific community members for their bug reports and feedback that have led to these changes, but we do want to say a huge thank you to the folks that have continued to play on the Quinton branch and help us get Mechajammer to this point! We can’t wait for you to see what’s in store in v1.07 and beyond.

For bug-reporting and other Mechajammer-flavoured discussion, please head to the official Discord server.

Thank you all for your patience, until next time,

— Whalenought Studios & Modern Wolf

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