Master of Magic Remake: Through the Myrror Deep Dive – New Heroes and Champions

The upcoming Through the Myrror content update for MuHa Games’ remake of Master of Magic will be going live on March 9, 2023. And with the update introducing the new Goblin race, these shifty green humanoids will need their own heroes and champions. The game’s latest deep dive article introduces us to them.

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Goblin’s new Heroes and Champions

The Goblin race in Master of Magic: through the Myrror free update will be introducing new Heroes and Champions with unique abilities to help them conquer the world.

We will take a closer look at the heroes and champions.

Toadsworth the Boartamer

The Goblin champion who rose to the rank of hero despite all evidence pointing to a contrary fate. He is a master Boartamer and remains loyal to a master that gives him respect.

Toadswoth The Boartamer joins the ranks of the champions and with his feisty boar and a bit of halfling Luck, he is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Jotun the Icetroll

Also known as the Cursed, is a solitary Troll hero who seeks to serve Wizards in hopes of lifting her curse. After decades of isolation, Jotun learned to harness her cold curse and now lends her aid to a worthy master.

Bjorn the Fireborn

The fierce Beastman hero, who played with fire and got burned. His sheer will to fight made him survive and emerge a creature of Chaos, forever merged with burning flames that now hunger for his enemies.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the world of Master of Magic, as the magic continues to unfold with new heroes and news. See you in the next update.

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